Just click on the icon below to start the download of Wilson Remote Support tool ( Team viewer )
This software will help you show us your screen so we will be able to help you better.
Open the file by chosing to "run" the application in the window and follow the instructions .


( Yes, strange name we know..... )

Below you will find the old release of Remote Support, do not use this without talking to IT first!.

Remote Support.exeRemote Support.exe

If you click on this link below you will find instructions how to install it and what number you will give us.
You shall never give out this ID and/or Password to anyone else than authorized IT staff that works at Wilson Management.
Technical information and help

If you are asked by IT department to download Wilson AV
Please click on the link below . And save it and their after run it . You will need to be in phone contact with one from the IT Department before you start.